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Help with bringing a child into your life

Whatever your reasons for adoption may be, you'll have the assistance of Law Offices of Elden E. Stoops, Jr. to help you with all the requirements and legal issues that can arise with an adoption. You'll be treated with compassion in this exciting and challenging time of bringing a child into your home.

• Foreign adoption

• Same sex adoption

• Traditional adoption


Adoption services including:

There are a number of steps involved in the adoption process that can start with determining an adoption agency, being selected by a birth mother, and other aspects. Our experienced law firm will help you with all of them with our service in Wabash County, IN and all the surrounding counties.

Understand the steps for a successful adoption

Have our law office help you facilitate your adoption and keep it moving forward.


Give us a call and we can discuss the help you might need during your adoption case.